Easter: wrestling with Jesus

I’ve read so much lately that challenges the central tenets of what I believe: mostly articles and posts ranging from the horrors perpetuated in the name of “Christianity” to the rational short falling of what we hold to be true a followers of Jesus.

I must contextualise this post a little, too: on a purely cerebral level, there are many things that potentially bother me about faith in Jesus. There are many “so-called logical” arguments that challenge Christianity that seem to make perfect sense to me; when viewed in isolation, of course. Furthermore, I don’t believe that the church has always allowed us to engage with our doubt. Doubt, in my experience, has always been frowned upon. Guilt has ensued. I think, however, that doubt is an integral part of authentic belief.

I digress.

Despite all this, I believe now more than ever before in the reality of Jesus: God, incarnate, born to die so that we may live forever. I believe on the reality of a saviour that has shown me mercy and has given me the opportunity to be part of his kingdom coming here on earth.

The same cynicism that forces me to resist christianese, cringes at what I have written. That’s because it sounds impossible. But, that’s what makes the truth of Jesus even more amazing.

You see, we are more than merely physical and cerebral beings. We are spirit, too. And while I understand that these parts of us (physical, cerebral & spiritual) all intersect, they don’t always communicate with or understand each other. So, in spite of the sometimes cerebral doubt, in my spirit there is absolutely none.

I am convinced that Jesus is real; that he died, rose again and took my sin on his shoulders; that he paid the ultimate price. I know this in my heart of hearts because Jesus loves me and because of his love for me he desires to be in relationship with me. And, that relationship has made all the difference. His love has changed and continues to change me. Forever. I cannot deny this. It is real. It is real enough to turn my doubts from mountains into molehills, making this life – the journey with Jesus – worth every step!

Happy Easter, friends!